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The worlds finest semi-submarine M/V Sea Life Discovery is 65' long 15' wide and carries 49 passengers in addition to crew.  Currently located in Wilmington California. 

M/V Sea Life Discovery

This one of a kind vessel is called a semi submarine because it has passenger areas for viewing both above and under the water.  M/V Sea Life Discovery has seating for 49 underwater in the submarine area and seating for 49 on the main deck above water most vessels only have one or the other.  There are many special design features that make the M/V Sea Life Discovery the worlds finest semi-submarine.  Powered by 2 John Deere Diesel Engines the M/V Sea Life Discovery has a top speed of 7 knots and a cruising speed of 5 knots.  Specially designed rudders and a bow thruster provide excellent maneuvering capabilities.  An enclosed aft deck provides shelter, a food service area and a retail space.   A full suite of on board navigation electronics, PA and sound system and HD display system with multiple monitors are installed. These and other design features equip M/V Sea Life Discovery to be successful for a variety of missions possibly involving tourism, underwater research, or education.  You can view specific vessel details in the attached survey.  We are motivated sellers please contact us if you would like purchase this one of a kind vessel.


  • Seats 49 in submarine area on bench style seats that face underwater windows.

  • Windows made of laminated safety glass are extremely durable.

  • There are more and larger underwater windows than other semi subs.

  • Specially designed guard system protects hull and running gear without getting in the way of underwater views.

  • All aluminum construction.

  • Shelter and seating on the main deck.

  • Computer display system with underwater cameras.

  • Open top aquarium (Touch pool)

  • Replacement Value 1,000,000+

  • Motivated seller, considering offers over $400K